Sentinels of Light Stream Overlay & Asset Pack

We've got some awesome assets for y'all to enjoy!

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The Sentinels of Light are here to fight back against Veigo and the Ruination! To celebrate their arrival, we’re releasing a collection of assets to help support the amazing content creators inspired by this multi-game event. Reminder to follow our legal jibber jabber with anything you create!

There’s a lot happing in Runeterra though, so keep an eye out for updates to this article as we uncover more details about the story!


Do you stream? If so, check out this brand new Sentinels of Light overlay featuring Vayne, Graves, and Akshan.


Have you seen the cinematic yet? Then you might be interested in these latest screen captures!


Need even more cinematic? Enjoy the model turnarounds and concept art.


Looking to make your own Sentinels weapons? Enjoy these 3D files of all the weapons in the cinematic. Warning: files are big!


Whether you’re building a Sentinels cosplay or painting a ruined masterpiece, these splash arts should prove useful for reference.


Looking for even more art? In this collection, you’ll find event images and some TFT and LOR assets, as well as logos!


If VALORANT is more your game, check out these epic Ruination skins and cosmetics!



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