Sentinels of Light Vayne Cosplay Collaboration

Yaya Han and Cowbutt Crunchies show off Vayne's Sentinels of Light before and after in a pair of incredible cosplays!

The Sentinels of Light have started their recruitment for new champions, and we have been working hard to bring one to life. Vayne, the Night Hunter is the first new member that Senna and Lucian have added to the crew. Recently, we collaborated with a few cosplayers to celebrate Vayne’s transformation into a Sentinel. We wanted to highlight and share the hard work by our cosplayers.

Yaya Han


Back in January we collaborated with Yaya Han who made the OG version of Vayne from the season start cinematic. Yaya, with photographer Legend of Micah made an amazing making of video, as well as full photoshoot. Her full write up on how she made this cosplay is up on her blog. Here are some of our favorite photos.

Cowbutt Crunchies


Now that the story has continued, we wanted to continue Vayne’s story in cosplay form as well. This time, we worked with Cowbutt Crunchies. They are an internationally acclaimed couple who specializes in complex couture cosplay and incredible pop culture-based designs. In collaboration with photographer Sam Saturn they have brought our new Sential Vayne to life. You can see their full process in this making of video as well as on their instagram. Here are some of our favorite behind the scenes shots.
Inspired to make your own Sentials cosplay? We recently released a whole asset kit, soon to be updated with more goodies to help you in your own cosplay creations.