Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 11

Future of Gameplay Thoughts.

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The Future of Quick Gameplay Thoughts

Some of you may have already heard, but I’m transitioning from my role on the League team to be Game Director on Riot’s MMORPG project. Along with handing off my responsibilities as Gameplay Design Director to the current (and new) design leads we’re continuing these gameplay thoughts blogs in a slightly different form.

You can still expect to get a dev blog every 2 weeks covering a range of topics from Champions, reworks, balance, items, runes, player behavior, matchmaking, and anything else we may be working on. These will cover both what we’re doing, changes in direction, philosophy around our design decisions, and retrospectives on our past work.

What is changing is that instead of a single author (like the way Meddler and I had been doing this) we will have a cast of different designers and developers covering their teams' work and philosophies. It’ll be great to have a few more voices represented here and that will bring you more fresh perspectives and insights into areas that I wasn’t as close to.

Some of the people you’re likely to hear from:

  • Meddler - Game Director
  • Fearless - (new) Design Director
  • (Coming Soon) - (new) Gameplay design lead
  • Riot Brightmoon - Gameplay production lead
  • Riot Codebear - Competitive team producer
  • BarackProbama - Competitive team design lead
  • Jag - Summoner’s Rift team design lead
  • Riot Petrie - Summoner’s Rift team producer
  • Reav3 - Champions team producer
  • Riot Axes - Champions design lead
  • Riot Rovient - Personalization (skins) design lead

I just wanted to say thank you again to you all for being such an engaged and wonderful community. I’ve had the time of my life working on League of Legends these past 8 years and I’m looking forward to engaging with you all again (after a while) when we have more to show on the MMO. Stay safe out there and I’ll be seeing you on the rift.

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