Clash Launch Checklist

Here's what you need to know to play in League's first Clash tournament.

League's very first Clash weekend kicks off February 22 & 23! Here's the stuff you absolutely need to know:

Requirements to participate

  • Finish your placements in either Solo/Duo or Flex
  • Activate account SMS verification in the client (in "General" under Settings)
  • Field a team of 5
  • Buy a ticket: 975 BE or 195 RP for basic, 975 RP for premium
    • You can buy tickets for your teammates, too


  • Team creation opens Monday, February 17
  • Matches are on Saturday, February 22 and Sunday, February 23
  • Lock in for matches begins at 5:00 PST
    • You can compete on either day or both days
    • Both days require their own tickets
    • You can change teams between days
    • Day 1 and Day 2 are completely unrelated brackets. Day 2 is just as rewarding whether you won, lost, or skipped Day 1.
  • (--> THIS IS NEW <--) Everyone plays three games each day, whether they're fighting for first place or seventh.

For everything else Clash-related, like brackets, matchmaking, and info on prizes, check out our previous updates:

Best of luck in your brackets!