Conqueror Clash: July 11 & 12

Grab your team for a special one-weekend Clash tournament July 11th and 12th!

Team signups open Monday, July 6 for a special one-weekend Conqueror Clash tournament! Matches will be held on Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, July 12—check the client for your region's schedule. While most of Clash's standard rules apply, there are a few special adjustments:

Victory Point rewards have been streamlined to reflect the single-weekend timeframe:

  • 400 VP: Banner Level 1
  • 600 VP: Banner Level 2
  • 1000 VP: Banner Level 3

Premium ticket rewards have also been amped up! In addition to your standard Capsule rewards, you'll also receive Conqueror loot:

  • Placing 1st through 5th in your bracket rewards a random Legacy Conqueror skin permanent (Karma, Varus, or Alistar)
  • Placing 6th through 8th in your bracket rewards a Legacy Conqueror skin shard (Karma, Varus, or Alistar)

Best of luck!