Patch 9.24b notes

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Happy Holidays! This B-side patch brings one more round of balance changes before the end of the year! Most of the changes will be simpler buffs or nerfs, making a champ or system stronger or weaker without significantly changing decision making.

Other than those, we have some follow-up work on Drakes and Dragon Souls and an adjustment in Lethality items. We're also adding the link to the patch schedule for 2020, so you know where to go if you have any questions about when a patch is dropping in the new year.

That's it from me! This will be the last set of changes for 2019, so have a great rest of your year and see y'all again in 2020!

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Hanna “shio shoujo” Woo

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Rounding up some base stats. Passive heal increased.

Alistar is feeling a bit weak right now, so doing the ol' rounding up of stats and giving him some more sustain in lane.

Base Stats


HEALTH 573.36 575
ATTACK DAMAGE 61.1116 62

Passive - Triumphant Roar

HEAL 20-139 (doubled to 40-278 for allies) 25-161 (doubled to 50-322 for allies)


Calibrum mark bugfixed; marked damage ratio decreased. Infernum R damage ratio and explosion radius decreased.

This went out yesterday in a mid-patch update, but we wanted to include it here ICYMI! We're still giving Aphelios time to settle in before deciding on any bigger changes, but it's clear that some things landed a little too strong. In particular, his Infernum-empowered ultimate is too easily attainable (and a bit too strong when attained!) and Calibrum-empowered marks are a bit too punishing for how reliable they can be. We're going to pull back on those for now.

Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle

BUGFIX Attacks that consume Calibrum marks no longer apply on-hit effects an additional time
MARKED DAMAGE RATIO 0.4 bonus attack damage 0.3 bonus attack damage

R - Moonlight Vigil

INFERNUM EMPOWERED DAMAGE RATIO 0.4 bonus attack damage 0.3 bonus attack damage


Q attack damage ratio increased.

Increasing Ezreal's poke damage from abilities in the midgame, due to a loss of resources from Kleptomancy's removal. We wanted to target something that resonates with his ability-flinging identity.

Q - Mystic Shot

DAMAGE RATIO 1.1 attack damage 1.2 attack damage


E spin damage increased.

We're partially reverting the nerfs to AS Garen from 9.24 as they were a bit large for what we wanted to accomplish.

E - Judgment

SPIN DAMAGE 4/8/12/16/20 (+0-6.6 based on level) (+0.32-0.4 attack damage) 4/8/12/16/20 (+0-8.2 based on level) (+0.32-0.4 attack damage)


Q damage ratio increased. W base damage increased later.

We have some room to buff Gnar, especially since he's not stomping around as much as he used to in pro play.

Q - Boulder Toss

DAMAGE RATIO 1.2 total attack damage 1.4 total attack damage

W - Wallop

BASE DAMAGE 25/45/65/85/105 25/55/85/115/145


E cooldown decreased.

We've buffed Graves' stats in various ways over the past year, but he never landed exactly in the way we wanted him to. Pushing it a little further and targeting his mobility, reloading cadence, and ability to stack True Grit all in one change.

E - Quickdraw

COOLDOWN 18/17/16/15/14 seconds 16/15/14/13/12 seconds


W base damage decreased. Empowered E damage decreased.

Currently, Heimerdinger is too strong in lane and at powering through his enemies. This nerf should give him more options when deciding which ability to use with R by decreasing the automatic assumption to just prioritize E.

W - Hextech Micro-Rockets

BASE DAMAGE 60/90/120/150/180 (108/162/216/270/324 total) 50/80/110/140/170 (90/144/198/252/306 total)

Empowered E - CH-3X Lightning Grenade

DAMAGE 150/250/350 (+0.75 ability power) 100/200/300 (+0.6 ability power)


E damage ratio decreased; cost flattened.

Shaco is overperforming across the board in all his roles (AD jungler, AP jungler, AP support). Looking to bring him down a bit.

E - Two-Shiv Poison

DAMAGE 70-170 (+0.8 bonus attack damage) (+0.6 ability power) 70-170 (+0.7 bonus attack damage) (+0.55 ability power)
COST 50/55/60/65/70 mana 65 mana

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Elder Dragon and Drakes

We're following up with some nerfs to Dragon Souls across the board and bringing them down to better match the strength of the Cloud Soul. The base buffs you get for killing Drakes are also weakened so that we don't have to go as strong on the nerfs to the Souls. In general, we like where the Drakes and Souls are, but they all just need to be toned down a bit and brought into line with each other.
INFERNAL DRAKE BUFF 5/10/15/20% attack damage and ability power 4/8/12/16% attack damage and ability power
INFERNAL SOUL 90 (+0.25 bonus attack damage) (+0.15 ability power) (+0.03 bonus health) damage and 3 seconds cooldown 70 (+0.18 bonus attack damage) (+0.12 ability power) (+0.02 bonus health) damage and 3 seconds cooldown
MOUNTAIN DRAKE BUFF 8/16/24/32% armor and magic resistance 6/12/18/24% armor and magic resistance
MOUNTAIN SOUL 225 (+0.2 bonus attack damage) (+0.15 ability power) (+0.15 bonus health) shield 170 (+0.16 bonus attack damage) (+0.13 ability power) (+0.13 bonus health shield
OCEAN DRAKE BUFF 3/6/9/12% missing health 2.5/5/7.5/10% missing health
OCEAN SOUL 180 (+0.4 bonus attack damage) (+0.25 ability power) (+0.1 bonus health) healing and 90 (+0.04 mana) mana restored over 3 seconds 160 (0.25 bonus attack damage) (+0.15 ability power) (+0.07 bonus health) healing and 70 (+0.025 mana) mana restored over 4 seconds
ELDER DRAGON BUFF DURATION 180 seconds 150 seconds
ELDER DRAGON BURN DAMAGE 90-270 true damage over 3 seconds 75-225 true damage over 3 seconds

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Lethality users have been struggling a bit after the loss of Headhunter. We want to make sure their itemization still feels good, especially now that there are more options. In particular, Edge of Night has been a little weak and this should give it the oomph that it needs. (While the changes are definitely live, you may notice that the tooltip for the items in both the Shop and inventory are not updated in this patch)

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  • Aphelios' Q - Moonshot no longer applies on-hit effects
  • Kindred's VO now properly plays when she casts R - Lamb's Respite
  • Corrected Karma's Mantra-empowered Q - Inner Flame's tooltip to its actual value (60%)
  • Qiyana's Q - Edge of Ixtal/Elemental Wrath range indicator now displays the intended range when she hasn't gathered any Elements and "Enable Line Missile" is disabled
  • Illaoi's E - Test of Spirit can no longer pull spirits of targets protected by Morgana's E - Black Shield
  • Using an Oracle Lens as Evelynn will not break her camouflage from Passive - Demon Shade
  • Enemies that walk over an empowered Sapling will no longer gain vision of Maokai

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