One League // Weronika Klonowska

We met with Weronika at the start of MSI 2023, where she told us about the strong feeling of togetherness and community she keeps finding at live League events.

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“I’m Weronika and I’m from Milton Keynes, so not too far from here.

I first started playing League of Legends in 2018, I believe, and I got my friends into League too. I know lots of people do that but my friends weren't too much into competitive games at all, so getting them into a competitive title that I love, even if they don't usually play competitively, it felt nice having people who were interested. I usually play in the evenings with them, but now they've even got their own ways of League so that feels like an achievement on its own, so I feel proud of that!

I usually stream the events but often when I'm at home I don't always have the time to watch the whole thing, because things come and go. So actually being here means I can focus on the games and see it all in person. It’s really nice because the community at League of Legends events are so nice because, well, they're similar to you. It's a group of people like you and that's always such a really nice thing. It doesn’t feel awkward when you're cheering here because there's other people around you getting involved as well! We’re all here together so it feels like you're not alone watching it really, and that’s just the best feeling. It’s honestly really nice just being surrounded by other people and like-minded individuals that you can sit and watch with and cheer with who are also here to just have fun. 

It feels almost like a family in a way where people try and support each other and, at the end of the day, it's a team game which means people can get involved with each other and support each other I think in one big family-like community.”

Name: Weronika Klonowska

Hometown: Milton Keynes, UK


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