Champ Select Reporting & Muting Test

We're kicking off testing for new behavior tools in champ select.

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Earlier this month, we mentioned we'd be running fast-iteration experiments on live servers to more rapidly adapt to behavioral trends than we have in the past. During patches 10.13 and 10.14, we're running a two-patch experiment for champ select reporting and muting. We'll start with NA and KR around the time 10.13 launches, and expand our experiment scope as we go. You'll know the experiment is live in your region when you get a one-time notification in champ select highlighting the newly-added features.

Champ select muting

We're running this experiment to see if champ select muting leads to changes in behavior related to negative chat in champ select and in-game.

If you mute a player in champ select, they'll be muted in-game as well. The mute will also persist if you're matched with that player again later in your play session. Mutes won't, however, extend to the post-game lobby since our current focus is exclusively on adding muting to champ select, not the whole client. If post-game lobby muting ends up being more important than other experiments we're working on, we'll prioritize it.

Champ select reporting

We're running this experiment to gain a clear understanding of how often different types of negative behaviors occur in champ select, and the different impacts they have in-game (chance of winning, rate of in-game reports, etc). The initial iteration of Champ Select Reporting will not be tied to our penalty systems.

Once this experiment ends, we'll use the report data to plan out further investment in a penalty system as a second iteration.

We're excited to get our first experiments tackling game-ruining behaviors onto live servers! Be on the lookout for more updates throughout the rest of the year and into 2021.


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