TL;DW: Gameplay, Vanguard & More Dev Update

A short rundown of updates from Riot Brightmoon, Pupulasers, and Phroxzon.

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Hey everyone, Riot Brightmoon and Pupulasers here with another TL;DW of today’s Dev Update:

  • We’re overall happy about the removal of Preseason and shift to the start of season gameplay changes—and you are too!
  • We have seen some funny bugs show up with the new objectives.
  • That said, we saw too much power showing up in burst damage items like Bloodsong and Stormsurge, which have been adjusted.
  • We have goals to get damage back down to the Durability Update levels.


  • Roughly half of Emerald players were in prolonged states of negative LP gains last season, with 85% in Master+—this has been fixed and is now around 5%.
  • Climbs should feel more consistent this season after some fixes.
  • We fixed most of the bugs that caused legitimate new players to place in Gold or Plat.
  • We’re still working on our ability to better differentiate smurfs from new players.
  • We’re customizing League’s version of Vanguard to specifically target the cheaters, scripters, and bots in game.
  • We’re also adopting a rollout method that will help us learn how Vanguard is impacting players, starting in one region.
  • Learn more about the new intro, beginner, and intermediate bots that are coming out soon.
  • Yuumi and Leona will be receiving Prestige skins this July.


  • Learn more about Crystalis Indomitus, the new Mythic theme, coming out in March.
  • Kha’Zix, Xerath, and Nautilus will be receiving these skins, with Kha’Zix first.
  • Keep an eye out in April for a few cheesy surprises!


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