Quick Gameplay Thoughts 12/3: Event Mission Points

The points system for event missions is changing. Learn how to keep earning rewards for playing!

Editor's note: While this post isn't about gameplay per se, it does cover how you're rewarded for your time spent playing, as well as your motivations for which modes to play during an event!

Riot Rovient here, letting you know that we’re changing the way points work in League of Legends missions starting with the Debonair event on December 9. This change shouldn't affect your experience much since it's designed to be as close to the current system as possible. Additionally, missions based on specific objectives like "Kill 600 minions" are unchanged.

So what's changing, exactly?

For all League of Legends events moving forward, points will be earned based on how much time you spend playing, rather than how many games you play. We've converted general objectives for some missions based on the average 30 minute PvP Summoner's Rift game.

  • Weekly Wins Missions: Earn 40 points, Win = 5 points | Loss = 2 points —> Earn 1650 points from playing and winning games. Earn 4 points per minute played, or 6 points per minute played if you win (Rewards 250 Tokens)
  • Orb Missions: Play 30 games —> Earn 4500 points (Rewards 1 Event Orb + 40 Tokens)
  • Token Bank Missions: Play a game (Rewards 2-10 Tokens, depending on game mode and win/loss) —> Earn 400 points (Rewards 20 Tokens)

The following changes will also take effect at the same time:

  • ARAM and Event Game Modes grant 4 points per minute played, or 6 points per minute played if you win. This includes game modes like URF, One for All, and Ultimate Spellbook. In other words, these will grant points at the same rate as PvP SR games.
  • TFT games will grant 2 points per minute played, or 3 points per minute played if you place in 1st-4th place for your game. While TFT gametime will still count, they shouldn’t be the most efficient way to earn points for League events, so all TFT games will grant them at a 50% rate. We've also added TFT AFK checks for League event missions.
  • TFT Hyper Roll and Double Up are now eligible for League mission progress! These TFT modes have the same 50% rate as detailed above.
  • Co-op vs. AI games will grant 1 point per minute played, or 2 points per minute for wins, granting points at 33% of the rate of PvP Summoner's Rift games. This mode still doesn't count toward Token Bank Missions.

Game Mode

Points/Min. Played

Points/Min. Played (Wins)

Summoner's Rift, PvP

4 points

6 points


4 points

6 points

Event Game Modes

4 points

6 points

All TFT Modes

2 points (5th-8th place)

3 points (1st-4th place)

Summoner's Rift, Co-op vs. AI

1 point

2 points

Why the change?

In the past, some missions either didn't respect players' time or incentivized playing the shortest games or modes possible.

For example, the mission that required you to "earn 30 points" (where wins = 5 points, losses = 2 points) didn't take your time commitment into consideration at all. That gruelling 45 minute Ranked SR loss? 2 points. That stomp where the enemy team's mid-laner went 0/12 and FF15'd? 5 points. In other words, the points you earned didn't always feel proportional to the time and effort you put into each game.

Other missions also incentivized players to seek the shortest or easiest game modes to earn points quickly. "Play 5 games" encouraged some players to grind TFT or ARAM to farm Tokens as fast as possible. We believe players should never feel like they have to sacrifice their game mode preferences in order to optimize event rewards.

We hear you though, TFT fans—while TFT will still count toward League missions, they will now grant points at a lower rate. This change will shift League event rewards to reward on, well, League games. (And a friendly reminder that TFT has awesome events and battle passes, too!)

Our goal with these changes is to make League missions a more enjoyable, League-focused experience where you get rewarded for playing the games you already love. We’ll be paying close attention to the data during the Debonair event to make adjustments for future events if needed. And, as always, we're listening to your feedback, so let us know what you think!

That’s all for now. I’m excited to get these changes out to you all for an improved missions experience. Good luck out there, players!