Ask Riot: HUGE Plans for 2020

We’re making some bold new commitments.

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Welcome to Ask Riot!

This week on Ask Riot, teams share their super serious plans for the year.

Gameplay and Champions

  • Aphelios now gains a new gun every time a player makes a thread about him on Reddit
  • Missing a cannon minion will now automatically trigger the question mark ping
  • Fixed a bug where choosing Soraka auto-swapped your position to top lane
  • Put a “no smoking sign” in front of the alcove
  • Use our 200 collective years of experience to ensure all champions launch with a 60%+ winrate

Meta-Game Systems

  • Fixed a bug where post-game reports were accidentally routed to someone who can do something about them
  • Introduce forced "Clash: 1v1 Me" for players who rage at each other in solo queue. Winners are banned and losers are also banned, but we call their mom too.
    • Clash: 1v1 Me is delayed in EUW due to unrelated server issues
  • Explore further ranked changes to massage the fact that you're just not good enough to hit Plat
  • Fixed a bug where your TFT rank wasn’t showing in your League Ranked match loading screen

Personalization (aka Skins and Events)

  • Every time someone posts a “it’s been x days since y champion got a skin” thread on Reddit, we delay production of a skin for said champion by one additional year
  • Release the Bellissimoh ASMR announcer pack
  • Release the Phreak "Still pronounces Nidalee wrong" announcer pack
  • Fixed an issue where disabling Eternals would save between logins. The setting will now be cleared upon every login. Consecutive disables will increase the size of the Eternals Callouts in-game.


  • Many Rioters were harmed in the making of this post. Many more think they were harmed but in reality were not.
    • We are surely going to get lit on fire in internal chat channels


  • Added role selection to G2 Esports lobbies
  • Fixed a bug where TSM could only 2-0 or 0-2
  • Fixed a bug where Doublelift was only able to select Senna
  • Fixed bug that led to CLG having a good split
  • Removed Yuumi from Sam "Kobe" Hartman-Kenzler's account
  • Next patch will address LCK's recent low international win rate
  • Fixed bug where building Morellonomicon broke Twitter

Teamfight Tactics

  • Change the direction champions move in the carousel (Note: high priority)
  • Ask League to make enough skins for one champion to make a whole set from that champion (besides Lux)
  • Bring to smartwatches
  • Ban Iron players and send them a link to

Legends of Runeterra

  • Remove Shadow Isles as a region
  • Add Elnuks as a region
  • Add new keyword: TrueElusive (can only be blocked by TrueElusive units)
  • Make Ruination automatically trigger the Braum Wave emote
  • Increase base XP when playing from 1AM - 5AM
  • Ranked queue has been split into “NETDECKERS” and “TROLLING”
  • Ban Iron players and send them a link to

League of Legends: Wild Rift

  • Downgraded the minspec for Wild Rift to Nokia 3310
  • New monetization feature: RINGTONES
  • QA pass to ensure there are no black loading screens that might accidentally result in you seeing your own horrifying reflection


  • We spent our entire development budget on music and free 128-tick servers for everyone, so now we can’t afford memes
  • It’s okay we never wanted to do memes anyway
  • VALORANT, not Valorant
    • Pretend there’s a Spongebob here saying VaLoRaNt (okay we bought one old meme)

Riot Games

  • Physical offices must add “S” to their signs before end of April
  • The real autobattler is all of Riot’s games fighting for the same audience

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