Ask Riot: Who Got the Most Spirit Petals?

Help, I forgot to give away my last petal! Also, why were they so hard to get? And who got the most?

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Welcome to Ask Riot!

Today it’s all about the spirit petals.

I had a petal left when Spirit Blossom ended, and now it won’t let me give it to a champ. Is there a way I can still get the rewards?

Don’t worry! We’re not going to pull a Teemo and try to trick you out of a hard-earned spirit petal. If you’ve earned a petal but were unable to give it to your chosen spirit, you can submit a ticket to Player Support, so we can help you cross over long enough to grab your emote.

Whatacoolwitch, Player Support Writer

Why were the Spirit Blossom petals so hard to get? I wanted to give them to more champs :’(

It has been a challenge to get Vayne and Riven the petals they deserve from me, so I definitely understand where this question comes from. We’ve absolutely heard the frustrations about getting a hold of the petals, as well as the frustrations about there only being 5 while there are 10 very amazing characters you may want to grow close to. In short, we agree that petals ended up feeling a bit too hard to chase down, but I’d still like to take a moment to explain the intention behind them.

Spirit petals were hard to get because they were supposed to represent something exclusive, rare, and challenging. They were the way for you to earn the most intimate connection with champions: the special scenes you get in the epilogue. Making such a connection with all of the champions would make those scenes feel lesser. In addition to the narrative reward, it also makes the lasting rewards for such an exclusive and difficult choice more meaningful—when someone flashes their Teemo emote, you know they were really best pals. All 5 petals were never meant to be fully collected, except by the most ardent and zealous players.

While this explains why we wanted petals to be exclusive and challenging to earn, it doesn’t cover the pacing of earning them. We want decisions like this to have impact and meaning, but we don’t always want it to feel like such a slogging chore and want to do better in the future in that regard.

Riot Gearhook, Game Designer

Which champions got the most and least petals for Spirit Blossom?

The champions that got the most petals were Yasuo, Teemo, and Ahri. This correlates pretty strongly with playrate, as the champions with the most “mains” seemed to generally be the ones that got the most petals. (I mean who wouldn’t give a petal to their main?)

Also, in case you missed it, there’s an epilogue for any champion you gave a petal to. If you want to say goodbye to your true love super duper best pal spirit realm companions, head back to the Spirit Bonds tab in the client before the weekend ends—it’ll be taken down sometime on Monday, 9/7.


Reav3, Lead Producer of Spirit Blossom Event

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